Thursday, 10 October 2013

10th October 2013, I buy valuable information

So there I was, fish-less through close to 3 hours at BoSang Fishing Park. It was almost midday. Our taxi was due to pick us up at 1:00pm and we also had to get lunch in at the fishing park. I was getting worried.  In fact very bad words were forming in my mouth and could not be stopped.We'd arrived at 9:15am. That's as early a start as we've made all week. It can be hard to get up early in Thailand.

There was a Thai fishing guide close by with his two British clients and they were catching fish after fish. The Thai was a good guy, he knew a frustrated incompetent idiot when he saw one and kept coming over to correct what mistakes I was making. Something still didn't seem right. I| was still more or less bite-less. The tactics I had used successfully earlier in the week were just not working out today.

I gave the guide 200 Baht (about $8.00US) to thank him for his time showing me what to do. Then, a funny thing happened. He perked right up and showed me a "super secret ingredient" he had been using in his bait. He even gave me some. In the last hour and a quarter I caught a fish, we had a delicious lunch at the park cafe and with 15 minutes to go I caught 2 more.

It goes to show, when it comes to fishing in Thailand it's not what you know it's who you buy your information from.

Here's the video of today's fishing. Unfortunately this was the whole catch, all caught around lunch time and in quick succession after the addition of the Secret Ingredient.  I'm sorry, I know what the secret is but I'm not able to give such sensitive information out. I shall buy some at Tesco Lotus Supermarket tomorrow morning.....

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