Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Fishing Wife At Last After 33 Years of Marriage?

Your eyes do not deceive you, this is my wife, Ciela, catching and posing with rather large fish.

The above photos show The Wife playing a good sized catfish on very light tackle. I was free lining for other species but the vacuum-cleaner catfish picked up the bait, a tiny fish meal pellet on a minuscule hook with 6lb line, and ran off with it like an express train. I gave the rod to my wife after she asked to "give it a try." I was worried (well, confident really) that she would lose the fish which was a lot bigger than we had any right to land on such flimsy equipment. After 20 minutes and minimal coaching you can see the results below:

With her light tackle catfish prize.

Later on, a big catfish caught on the heavier rod.

More Posing which is what you do when you catch a big fish.

On the way home I asked her if she was thrilled when she felt the big fish battling away. She said, "Sort of OK"....I then asked her if she would want to catch more fish. "Probably not, fishing is not really my thing."

I am still in search of the perfect wife. I'll keep trying to make her one! 

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