Saturday, 26 October 2013

African Walking Catfish plus We Forget an Important Fishing Item but we don't forget to take the world's smelliest substance.

What a great afternoon's fishing at Pylon Lake, Northern Thailand. This semi-private lake gets fished just 4 times a month.....but it's by 200 Thai anglers standing just a few feet apart from one and other trying to win the big competitions which are occasionally held there.

My friend Gaz Cooper lives just a few hundred feet from the lake and secure permission for us to fish it today for a very reasonable price. The main species therein (and the only species we caught) is the African Walking Catfish. It's a hard fighting catfish which can attain weights of over 100lb although in this particular lake 30lbs would be a spectacular fish.

 First thing that happened....Gaz Cooper flattens a stool just by sitting on it. Luckily he didn't hurt himself  and is in great shape to break other furniture items he decides to use at a later date.


 The second thing was...we lost our first catfish of the day because we'd omitted to bring a landing net. In Thailand the fishing parks always provide landing nets except your humble and stupid correspondent forgot that this venue was a private lake with no fishing park services. So, off to the tackle shop to buy a landing net. The net you see above cost us a whopping $6US. Crazy cheap.

 Well stocked shop, really reasonable prices, friendly owner.

You can buy a respectable rod and reel combo for under $20US at Thai tackle shops. Yes, they do have some higher priced name brand stuff too.

 Nasty, evil stuff. What IS this rancid shit? 

My wife (in background) reacting to the disgusting smell of catfish bait I purchased from the local tackle shop. 

If any of our Thai friends can tell us what this stuff is we'd be grateful. I do not recommend you use it unless you plan to be alone for many weeks afterwards. The sad thing is....we caught our first 2 fish of the day on it, this stuff WORKS, but we had to stop using it and re-sealed the jar... we were upsetting nearby villages.

 Gaz Cooper's youngest daughter looks on in surprise as I outwit a prehistoric fish with the brains of a brick.

African Walking Catfish, we caught 8 in all, lost 4 others, they're great fun and although they make good eating we released every one unharmed.

 Eating Machine.

 I know what I'm doing!

As you can see these fish were a tight squeeze for our landing net.

 Easy to see how he broke the chair!

Much better, suck it in!

All photos and video taken on our Panasonic Lumix FZ70 Super Zoom Camera. Some of the photos above are video screen grabs and as a result are not at our usual higher resolutions. Still, the results are acceptable and we continue to enjoy this versatile camera!

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