Friday, 11 October 2013

Bad Word Day at BoSang Fishing Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Bad words order of the won't hear any in the video, though. I only thought them.

My wife and I had a late, fun and gluttonous night out at the Good View riverside restaurant.... we both overdid it a bit. The food was ridiculously good and we were with Gaz and Pui Cooper which did not help. They love to cover the table with delicious Thai goodies so we ate continuously more or less for about 2 hours. We probably sampled 12 different dishes.

Today we didn't even leave the apartment to go fishing until 2:00pm due to body part rumblings.

 I caught four very moderate Striped Catfish but I lost four monsters. All came off the hook, no broken line or anything like that. Other folk did really well.  Proof can be seen during today's video.

In the video you'll see that it's important to pose regally when playing a monster catfish. That way you get to look truly stupid when it shakes the hook. Also, a look at Your Humble Correspondent getting an angry fish soaking and a Thai fellow having a little trouble unhooking his huge catfish but it all ends very well for him because he knows what he's doing.

In case you're wondering...we'll be visiting some different venues soon, including DreamLake on the outskirts of Chiang Mai as well as Pai Piranha Fishing Park near a little town called Pai a couple of hours drive from Chiang Mai. 
Pose then promptly lose fish. What a fool.

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