Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Day 2 at Teak Tree Lake, Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand

I will get a little video up on this blog and on our Facebook page but not just yet. At Teak Tree there is no high speed Internet and I have to depend on a 3G phone connection with a wireless hotspot. Download speed is OK, upload speed, especially to get a YouTube video uploaded is dismal.

 So, back to Day 2.

 Giant Gourami. These are the same fish you would keep in your freshwater aquarium, assuming your freshwater aquarium is SeaWorld in Florida.
Another Catla Carp...I really wish I didn't have to get into the water to have pictures taken but Bruce the Owner of Teak Tree Lake (named after "Teak Tree") made me do it at the point of a shotgun. He REALLY loves his fish!  The lake bed is slippery and slopes sharply down to 10 feet but I only need 5 feet to drown in.

 Another Black Minnow Shark,....they're getting bigger. I'm writing this post on Day 3 during a break from the sun which is brutally hot today. I've already caught a bigger one than this today and my head has come out much bigger in those photos than what you see here. 

 Red Tailed Catfish....they make a greatly amusing grunting/farting noise through their gills which we'll illustrate on video later this week. In the meantime do some underarm farting stuff or eat lots of beans to get an idea of how they sound.

 Another view of the Red Tailed Catfish.

 Biggest Red Tailed Catfish of the trip so far but still far from being a big specimen. In fact this is the opposite (a small specimen).

 Naughty end of Red Tailed Catfish.

 About 8lbs of fighting Red Tailed Catfish. A tiddler, really.

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