Monday, 7 October 2013


Finally, some Fishing in Thailand!
 First fish of the trip!

 Striped Catfish....quite small for this venue.

So here we are at BoSang Fishing Park outside Chiang Mai, Thailand for our first few hours of fishing and fun. We got there at around 9:15am and I had decided that I would fish until about 12:45pm and have our taxi pick us up for the return home at 1:00pm. I was afraid that my wife would be bored..hence the cutting short of Day 1 of Fishing In Thailand. What a gentleman I am. (Or an idiot, the males amongst you should decide).

There were already a few people enjoying some music, beer and fishing fun. I thought to myself, "They're not taking this too seriously, I should be able to catch more and bigger fish than them."
 Land of wife Ciela (right) DID enjoy herself. Now I don't have to leave her by herself.

This fellow works 25 days in Australia, gets 10 days off which he always spends in Thailand. I don't see why.....oh yes, the fishing.

Watch the'll see this Aussie lady was a great sport and had loads of fun.

It did not turn out that way. I caught 3 fish, all Striped Catfish. Good fighters, lots of fun, weighing about 8lbs to 15lbs. These were but pathetic babies compared to what others caught. Our new fishing friends caught about 20 fish between them, sizes ranged from 8lbs to 60lbs and their species were Striped and Mekong Catfish.

 What happens in Thailand.....


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