Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Fishing at Teak Tree Lake - successfully!

So Bruce the Owner of Teak Tree Lake sets me up with two rigs. One is designed to catch non-predatory fish, including the Siamese Carp which can get stonkingly large. The other rig is baited  up with a Java barb deadbait...on that I'm after the elusive Arapaima, a fish which can grow to 10,000,000,000 lbs or so it seems like if you go to the photos on Teak Tree's Facebook page. I will catch one of these monsters but would appreciate it if only specimens of under 100lbs would oblige because I already have an inferiority complex with people who are bigger than I am, I do not need the fish getting into the act.

Anyhoo, while waiting for a bite on the two heavier rigs I asked about float fishing and Bruce obliged by supplying a rod and reel with a nice float fishing setup already rigged.

It was quite a good day as you can see from the photos:

Jau Catfish. These fish are caught very rarely and you have to be a highly talented angler to catch one. Or you just have to be a lucky one. You decide.

Marbled Catfish...another fish Bruce assures me is only caught very rarely at Teak Tree Lake. He said he had never seen such a skillful fisherman as me but why was he shrieking with mirth when he said it?

Red Tailed Catfish...showing the way in.

 Jau Catfish (also known as the Zungaro, which means "Only ever caught by idiots")

 Catla Carp, biggest fish of the day......me in the water wondering what monster is coming up behind me. Note, this lake contains the Pacu, and lots of them too, which is the notorious testicle-eating species of the Amazon Basin. Bruce would not let me get into the net with the carp which was preferable to being in the lake with the Pacus.

Another look at the marbled catfish with proof that it was me holding it in the photo.

 The Worlds Biggest Minnow... The Black Shark Minnow. The use of the word "Shark" is very cool when naming any fish caught by yours truly but it is largely offset by the word "Minnow."

Showing the Black Shark Minnow....I caught 3 of these today. Note the wet fish mat...it was used to unhook the fish and to transport it back to the water. The owner of Teak Tree takes very good care of his fish and knows every one by name. ("Roger", "Bob", "Big Nancy" etc.)

 Well done you donk, you're kneeling on the fish mat which is for the fish.

Red Tailed Catfish....we're going to try and catch a MONSTER one of these in the next few days. Day 2 tomorrow....I cannot wait!!!


  1. Nice one Chris looks like it was a Great day of FISHING

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