Thursday, 31 October 2013

Giant Siamese Carp. I am most pleased!

Teak Tree Fishing Day 3 was a very mixed bag which started promisingly, middled dismally and ended spectacularly.

A most promising start... the LAKE RECORD for the Black Shark Minnow! This was the 5th caught in 3 days, another LAKE RECORD. But, I don't want to make a big deal about it so let's drop it right now.

Here's another photo of my LAKE RECORD Black Shark Minnow. No big deal, it means nothing to me, nothing to see here, move along please. I won't mention it again.

Our bungalow at Teak Tree Lake.

Hey, how did that get here? It's that LAKE RECORD Black Shark Minnow again. God help us all if I ever catch an actual world record fish! The owner of Teak Tree Lake, Bruce Dale, has caught at least TWO world record fish that I know of and perhaps as many as FIVE. I'm not sure he really knows how many but he has shown me two of the IGFA Certificates to prove it. I am truly not worthy.

 Very cool...specimen Small Scaled Mud Carp.

Now, I know the name "Mud Carp" might not be the most glamorous but this is one hard fighting and handsome fish. It also "cries" when it's out of the water, something I hope we can show on video at a later date.

And now to the exhilarating end to Day 3 at Teak Tree Lake....this Giant Siamese Carp which gave me back ache when I was playing it and a hernia trying to lift it out of the water. (A fish like this on light tackle is enough to make me forget about my LAKE RECORD Black Shark Minnow).

Giant Siamese Carp winning the battle of "Can I Lift Him Out of the Water for a photo?" 

Bruce Dale, owner of Teak Tree Lake, fruitlessly trying to teach me how to lift a monster fish out of the water and look cool about it. As you can see from the first photo of this sequence I did not succeed.
So, Day 3 at Teak Tree ended up being brilliant fun. I have to say that between the hours of 11:00am and 2:00pm the heat was brutal....I had to take a cold shower and a long siesta to freshen was almost impossible to fish in that heat. Chiang Mai sits in a valley in a part of the world where there are no real trade winds to speak of. Teak Tree Lake and all of the other venues we've visited so far are typically mirror-calm which is great for fishing but not so wonderful for keeping cool.

I'll end this post by saying     "lake record"       very quietly.....

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