Tuesday, 1 October 2013

In Thailand! A few days break in Bangkok before heading off to the fishing.

Landed in Bangkok on the 30th September, 6.5 hour flight from Manchester to Dubai, 3.5 hour layover and 6.5 hour flight from Dubai to Bangkok = me and the missus were totally knackered. For my U.S. friends following this blog, "totally knackered" is the feeling you get when you have "run out of Cocaine" or for the more sporting amongst you, when your "Steroid dealer failed to show up at the gym." Not that I'm suggesting anything.

As you can see, though, our hotel has wonderful views of the Bangkok skyline. We're at The Chatrium Riverside Hotel and 2 days into our 3 day stay I'm going to give the hotel and its great staff a huge "Thumbs Up" because it really is marvelous here. http://chatrium.com/chatrium_hotel/ takes you to their website. We got a fabulous deal on Expedia. We sent them some money by credit card and they booked the hotel for us. You can't beat that for service!

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