Monday, 21 October 2013

Our first day at Pai Piranha Fishing Park

 If you go to Google Earth and compute the distance between Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand and the little town of Pai, even further Northern Thailand, you'll find it's under 60 miles distance as the crow flies. But, as the vehicle drives on the incredibly twisty, winding road which meanders through the mountains separating the two towns the actual distance amounts to about 3 hours of gut-wrenching driving. I enjoyed it, my wife less so.

We made it into Pai and the Pai Piranha Fishing Park at about 1:15pm after a 10:00am departure from Chiang Mai. As you can see from today's video it was bucketing down when we got here. Not the best introduction but the rain soon passed and it was time to put a line into the water.

We caught 10 fish, 7 different species. Not a bad return at all. The species list was:
Small Scaled Mud Carp
Rohu Barb (feisty little bugger, we'll try and get some video and photos tomorrow of this one for your viewing pleasure).
Nile Tilapia (you've probably eaten those).
Striped Catfish (our old friend from BoSang, only much smaller).
Blue American Channel Catfish (we caught the same one twice).
Catla Carp

We'll have photos or video or both of all of these species in the next couple of days. Perhaps I might even try a little night fishing tonight......

 Blue American Channel Catfish

 Small Scaled Mudcarp

A rather small Pacu

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