Saturday, 19 October 2013

Rainy afternoon was had and I even caught a few.

It was not the best of weather for fishing today. But, in between rain showers we made our way to BoSang Fishing Park for a couple of hours of catfishing. The initial aim was to see if I could catch 200lb of fish in 2 hours. As you can see I failed utterly. But, four fish landed, much rain, four other fish LOST (all came off the hook) and a few good runs in between meant a busy 2 hours, albeit much of it with rain dripping down my neck. 

If some of the video seems a bit "far away" it's because my personal video camera person (and wife) decided to stay underneath the rain shelter while she operated the camera.

The scales I used were hurriedly purchased that afternoon...they're actually designed to weigh predatory tooth-infested  fish  with the "claw" gripping the fishes jaw. The claw is rounded and blunt to avoid fish damage. Unfortunately these scales only weigh up to 40lbs. The net weighs 4lbs so I deducted accordingly, as you'll see in the video. The biggest fish today was right up to the 40lbs stopper, net included.

Tomorrow we're off to Pai, to the Pai Piranha Fishing Park and Lodge. Should be fun, some new species to go after! I'm going to use very light tackle there...including this fantastic Fenwick Eagle GT 10 4-Piece Spinning Rod (7-Feet,Medium Light)  which weighs next to nothing and yet allowed my wife to play and land a 25 lb catfish last week. It's a fabulous piece of gear and it breaks down into 4 pieces making packing and travel a breeze.

A word on travel fishing rods...if you can, get the type which break down. The telescoping fishing rods generally don't have as good an action as break apart rods and the rings on telescoping rods are often incorrectly spaced which can really affect your fishing over the course of a vacation.

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