Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Second day of fishing at BoSang Fishing Park near Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Day 2 of fishing in Thailand started off frustratingly. We got to the lake and I discovered that the newly charged battery I placed in the camera the night before was as dead as The United States Congress or England's chances of winning the 2014 World Cup. My wife looked at me the way you do a 2 year old who has missed the potty. Swimming to the bottom of the lake and staying there seemed like one of my options this morning but I thought better of it.

So, after a 50 minute round trip to get the correct battery we were off and running.

Dragonfly waiting for a bite.

 Biggest fish of the trip so far, 30lb plus Striped Catfish.

Looks like she enjoys fishing, no?

 Well, NO. After 2 minutes it was time to hand the rod over.

Tomorrow we're off to a new venue. Our taxi driver told me about it. He said that if the fishing isn't all that great tomorrow they have fabulous food there. In Thailand "Fishing Parks" are very popular with the locals. Quite a few tourists, particularly from the UK and other parts of Europe, visit them frequently. I have yet to see a U.S. citizen fishing in a Thai fishing park. Presumably it's because wearing racing overalls covered in sponsor advertising is not advisable in Thailand's hot climate.

 Here is today's video!

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