Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Street Food in Chiang Mai, Thailand

These photos are not from the tourist areas of Chiang Mai. They're taken outside the local Tesco supermarket. Some very tempting stuff. Plus some insects and grubs. YUM! Click on the first photo, wait a little for the album to load and then scroll through the full sized photos at your leisure. WARNING: For a few of the photos we are not responsible for the present content of your stomach. You do your own clean-up. 

Go down this page a bit for information on the camera I used for these night time photos.

Above is the camera I used for these night photos. It's the Samsung EX2F and I bought it explicitly for low light photography. It has a very fast (for a compact camera) F/1.4 lens which really sucks in the available light. All of the photos on this page were taken under artificial market lighting at night with no flash. Great little camera, very well built and super value for money.

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