Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Teak Tree Lake, Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, Day 1

We got to Teak Tree Lake at around 11:15am. The owner, Bruce, picked us up from our apartment at 10:00am sharp, the anointed and correct agreed upon time, for our 30 minute drive to the lake. Naturally I had to stop at a tackle shop on the way there plus we needed to pick up essentials such as beer (one shop) and other less essential groceries (another shop). But, we got there eventually and are very glad we did! It is gorgeous here.

 Teak Tree Lake

View towards Bruce and Noon's house at Teak Tree.

Unfortunately the photos can't show you the constant fish activity on the lake so you'll just have to imagine it. Take it from me, there was some BIG STUFF rolling. Question was, would or could I catch one? Stay tuned!

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