Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Well, BLEH! No fish caught today.

Our trusty taxi driver took us to Huay Teung Thao Reservoir this morning. He's a nice bloke, it was his idea and I was looking forward enormously to catching something other than Striped Catfish.

Nice scenery, tranquil lake, clean fresh water and.........NO FISH. Even the locals who were fishing were not catching. Huay Teung Thao is more of a picnic and relaxation thing than a fishing hotspot. All fish caught are kept for eating and so stocks are limited to almost zero.

On the plus side...lunch at one of the waterside restaurants (just a shack really with a few tables and chairs) was awesome. We might visit again one day for a lunch and perhaps some spinning for Snakehead fish. We did see one Thai fellow spinning for them with no luck.

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  1. Damn if I had know that was the place I would of advised against it however like to say its a place we go for a nice day out let the kids swim in the lake and have a few beers and some GREAT thai food. We have our favorite place there :)