Monday, 14 October 2013

You tell me who is best at fishing....PLUS...HOT WET THAI SEX VIDEO!!!!!!

Now this is really pathetic. I tried desperately to catch a different species of fish...we've been catching Striped Catfish and I know there are other types of fish in the lake. I succeeded! I caught ONE fish, completely different, never caught one before! It fought like a rasher of bacon.

 But, first, the HOT WET THAI SEX VIDEO!!!!!! 

It's really pathetic that this post will get more views than any other so far in this blog.

Now to the "Who is Best at Fishing" competition. You decide. Photographic evidence below:

 Her Fish.
 Her Relaxing after catching fish.
 His Fish. You decide.


  1. Is that a Snakehead tiddler ?, Chris cant quite see its so small

  2. I just looked it's a Marbled Sand Goby. and

    As you can see mine was not exactly "Maximum Size" reachable.