Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dream Lake, Chiang Mai - I've had better days.

I fished Dream Lake for a few hours yesterday afternoon and evening and again this morning for a few hours.

I can tell you, I've had better days! Just 4 fish in about 7 hours of fishing. I should have known things would be a bit FUBAR when a HUGE red tailed catfish took the predator bait, I didn't want to pressure it too much and it ran me around the side of the lake a bit and then found an Underwater Snag. The owner of the lake looked at where the line was stuck advised me to snap it. Great.

Then he said words that will go down in infamy: "Ve haff an Unterwasser Snag right there." ...Reiner is from Germany, he a really great guy and has a thriving fishing tour business, but this information was one specimen fish too late in coming. I took it surprisingly well and there were no injuries.

Still, caught a nice Julien's Price Golden Carp and a smallish but still fun to catch Rohu Carp.

Also caught, a much smaller red tailed catfish and a VERY small striped catfish.

Juliens Price Golden Carp

Rohu (Red) Carp

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