Saturday, 30 November 2013

Phuket Fishing Park...well worth the price of admission!

We finally made it to Phuket Fishing Park, well away from the beaches and night life of the rest of the island. In the middle of such a tourist mecca I was expecting a quite rowdy fishing experience with radios blasting loud music, stray dogs and trash. Well, what a nice surprise. Phuket Fishing Park is well worth the price of admission at around 2200 Baht (about $65US) per day including tackle and bait AND your own fishing guide who'll mainly work for tips. There's a diverse selection of species in the lake although I only caught striped catfish and one BIG Catla Carp. The lake has a wonderful colour and depth to it and it is full of fish. All of the specimens caught and all those we saw were in great condition.

We'll go back for sure although I don't know if it'll be during this Thailand trip.

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