Thursday, 14 November 2013

Who is really to blame for the high cost of healthcare in the USA?

Democrats struggling to explain the disastrous Obamacare implosion have immediately blamed the insurance companies for the fiasco. In fact, insurance companies get hammered regularly by politicians, the main stream press and TV punditry for the high cost of health care in the USA. But who is really to blame for the USA's hyper-inflated health care costs? You might be surprised. Check out the following articles:

Los Angeles Times (hardly a right wing rag!).

El Camino Hospital, Silicone Valley, CA. (Scroll down to the 2nd to last FAQ for the stunning admission).

"The Happy Md" an article.

Huffington Post ...another less than conservative outlet.

The Bump forums.

I could go on posting links until the end of the year...there are so many examples like this.

If a hospital in California is able to offer a 75% discount (and presumably still make a profit) for  patients willing to pay cash rather than use their health insurance does this not mean that the insurance company would have been billed by the hospital 400% as much as the actual cost of the treatment? Can you see why U.S. insurance companies are having a hard time paying every hospital and health care giver claim without at least trying to verify the costs first? But they get blamed simply because they're trying to avoid being defrauded!

Only in the USA is private health care so expensive. It's that way because healthcare in the USA is big business rather than patient based. Insurance companies are actually remarkably easy to con because they can only take so much bad press before government intervenes. Politicians can't blame "health care givers" or themselves because that would look bad. But those big, bad insurance companies....they're just nasty, evil corporations!

See Obamacare for the (now classic) example of how true this is. Democrats are blaming the insurance companies for the failed implementation of the new law without even a blink. Pathetic.

If hospitals and healthcare givers would charge the insurance companies the amount treatment actually costs rather than inflating their claims by 400% then health insurance costs would drop and claims would be paid much faster.

I won't even get into Medicare fraud (which is rife and costs U.S. tax payers billions each year) and I know Tort Reform is badly needed. Neither of these items have been remotely addressed by U.S. politicians of either party during these Obamacare battles.

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