Thursday, 5 December 2013

Sky Lantern Fun

The big Festival of Light (Loi Krathong) is held every November during the full moon. Unfortunately this year it bucketed down drenching the main parade participants and lumping your humble correspondent and his long-suffering wife with pretty bad colds. It was always our intention to launch a sky lantern but of course rain and being soaked to the skin made that impossible.

Well, today, December 5th, is the King of Thailand's 86th Birthday. And, happily, sky lanterns are one way to celebrate. So, we hoiked our way to Thapae Gate in the city center of Chiang Mai and did our ritual launch of one of these de-light-ful apparatus.

It is said that your bad luck will float away with your Khom Loy (the sky lantern you see here). As we launched our slow moving missile into space I could feel all of my bad luck disappear as it rose into the sky. It didn't work as well for Ciela, though. She's still stuck with me.

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