Wednesday, 11 December 2013

This is a FANTASTIC light fishing travel rod....

The Fenwick Eagle GT 10 4-Piece Spinning Rod (7-Feet,Medium Light) ">Fenwick Eagle GT10 7ft 4 piece fishing rod/pole is an AMAZING product. Here's a list of its best features:

1. It packs down to almost nothing. You're left with 4 sections, each less than 2ft long, which can easily pack into a standard suitcase and into a small one if packed diagonally. Perfect for travel! It's also super lightweight.

2. The action on this rod is absolutely first class,. We've been carrying it on our travels through Thailand and I can tell you that between myself and my non-fishing wife we've caught fish with weights ranging from a few ounces up to 25lbs. It doesn't matter...each and every fish felt like a good-un on this rod. The "action" is steady throughout the whole length with no dead spots. And, bear in mind, this is a rod which breaks down into FOUR pieces.

3. Lots of rod rings! You should know by now that the best fishing rods don't skimp on the rod rings. Less rings = more friction shared between fewer rings. This great rod casts and retrieves smoothly every time and even with pressure on the rings from a big fish the line runs true with minimal friction.

Expensive? Not really, you pay under 60 bucks and you've got yourself a prime piece of fishing gear.

Gripes? Yes, one major gripe. I only own one. I need to buy another.

10/10 all day long. I also have a Shakespeare 4 piece Ugly Stick travel rod. It's a fine piece of gear but it's not even close to the quality of the Fenwick. I'll review the Shakespeare in a few days.


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