Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The New Pattaya Fishing Park, Jontiem, Thailand

Back in Fishy Monster country again. It's what you do in Thailand when you're mental about fishing.

This is the new Pattaya Fishing Park. I managed 2 hours of absolutely exhausting Mekong catfish battling before the thunderclouds came and gave my aching arms and shoulders an excuse to call it a day.

Bait was sweetened bread with a method feeder packed with finely ground sweetened and flavoured bread. It smelled like pineapples.

The Old Pattaya Fishing Park was bought by developers and emptied and the fish transferred to the new. The new park is still looking a bit industrial and non-rural as it has only just been excavated and created. The fish get to over 180lbs although I can't imagine trying to land a monster like that. I think it would end with me being held underwater by the fish while his buddies took photos.

 Sadly it looks like my little Panasonic pocket camera is giving up the ghost...the photos were not all that well focused. I'll see if it's in the settings...if not I'll have to replace it.

 The Park Dog likes to get in the frame.

Thunderclouds in the background ended the fishing for that morning. Huge lightning storm with torrential rain followed.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Tropical Park, Miami.

So, of course what you do when you visit Miami is go freshwater fishing in one of its biggest public parks. 

It's a a fairly picturesque park, about 430 acres, in the middle of the suburbs of Miami Dade. As you can see there are some friendly turtles. A bit too friendly, as it turned out. I caught three of these. I didn't want to but when the float dips there's always the chance it might be a fish. I always use barbless hooks which meant no harm done to these greedy hardbacks. That's the good news. The bad news is that they were the biggest things I caught all day.

In the time it took to (accidentally) catch 3 of these only one small fish was caught. The turtles would swim on the surface and dive down about 15 feet to get to the bait. Being caught and released did not make them hook shy in the least. 

I moved to a different part of the lake. No more turtles. The fishing was fast and furious. The bait would only last a few seconds on the hook and the end result was either missing bait or a fish landed. Biggest of the day, about 6 ounces. Thailand's monster fishing is not under threat by Tropical Park. There are some big catfish and grass carp in the lake but the small stuff wouldn't leave the bait long enough for the biggies to have a chance. Apparently chicken liver is the bait of choice for the big cats so naturally I didn't have any. 

As lunchtime approached lots of local families showed up and a few youngsters made it clear by whining persistently that they wanted to use my spare fishing rod. I had to balance the need to keep the youth of Miami out of trouble and away from illegal drugs against my wish not to be sued by their family in the event one of them speared themselves in the eye with a hook. This was, after all, the USA. But, their parent's English was limited. Maybe they hadn't watched enough episodes of Judge Judy. I rolled the dice and showed them what to do.

In the end the kids had fun, two caught their very first fish ever and their parents were so happy not to have to look after them for an hour that they invited me to their picnic lunch as I was packing up to leave. Unfortunately I had a prior appointment so had to decline.

All in all it was a good time at Tropical Park. No chicken liver = no big fish but did I really want innocent chickens to die just to catch a few bigger fish? Of course, YES.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Shropshire Union Canal in January....some REAL fishing for a change

I kid you not......temps just above freezing, light but cold breeze into my face and fishing the Basin at Telford's Warehouse Pub in the heart of Chester. It doesn't get any better than this!

My biggest fish of the day, a very small skimmer bream.

 Steel grey skies.

 Some colour on the canal.

 Occasionally the sun would peek through the clouds.

 Yes, a fish. That's a roach, perhaps 1.5 ounces. I was very pleased to catch one because it meant I hadn't completely lost all my marbles.

Enlargement of the roach. In Belize (where I live) that would be called a "maggot"